Monday, October 15, 2012

Ukrainian Adoption Firm: How Adoptive Parents Can Prepare For Their Absence While in Ukraine

Prepare for your absence while you will be in Ukraine adopting:

· Your Ukrainian adoption agency and adoption facilitator
should provide you with a Ukrainian mobile phone; however,
calling to the U.S. will be expensive, but you will want to stay
in touch with loved ones at home.

· Will you bring a computer or tablet to Skype? If so,
speak with your mobile carrier about fees and costs. In most
cases if you use Wi-Fi, you will not be charged for anything you
do, but make sure to confirm this as every wireless plan is
different and you don't want a very unpleasant surprise when you
get your bill.

· Make sure you have electrical adaptors for Ukraine.
(Your adoption agency or adoption facilitator should provide you
with a sample packing list.)

· What if your Ukrainian adoption trip goes longer than
expected? Discuss if one parent will return to the US. Is there a
friend or family member who might come over and help? If so, make
sure they have all their travel documents in order and are

· If you have children, where will they stay? How can you
help them adjust to your absence? Do you want to leave daily
notes for them?

· Do you want to prepare birthday and other event cards
for those you might miss during your absence?

Think ahead and you will be thankful that you have so many fewer
worries of home while you are in Ukraine adopting.

If you or someone you love would like to expand your family,
provide a permanent home for a needy orphaned child, welcome a
sibling for an existing child or discover an alternative for
infertility treatments - contact us to learn more about Ukrainian
adoption, Adoption Services International can help.

Adoption Services International unites loving US families with
Ukrainian children. We provide a unique combination of western
quality service (including a maximum guaranteed adoption fee),
personal adoption experience, affordable local cost and 20 years
Ukrainian experience.


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