Friday, October 12, 2012

Same Sex Couples & Adoption: Jennifer Lopez Show:Lesbian Couple Raises Biological & Adopted Children

With hundreds of thousands of needy orphans in need of loving
families available around the world and the U.S. Should same sex
couples be allowed to adopt? One group of mothers thinks not.
What do you think?

ByAudrey Barrick, Christian Post Reporter

A new TV dramedy about a diverse family of biological and adopted
children being raised by alesbian couple is in the works with
Jennifer Lopez as the executive producer. This has led a group of
moms "One Million Moms"who monitor the media to conclude that ABC
"has lost their minds."

"While foster care and adoption is a wonderful thing and the
Bible does teach us to help orphans, this program is attempting
to redefinemarriageand family by having two moms raise these
children together. One Million Moms is not sure how the
explanation will be given on how the biological children were
conceived," the group said in a statement. "None of this material
is acceptable content for a family show."

Lopez's production company, Nuyorican, was given the green light
in August to produce a pilot for the TV network. "The Fosters"
tells the story of a mixed-race lesbian couple raising a
biological son and several ethnically diverse adopted children.
So far, the cast includes Teri Polo, Sherri Saum, Australian
actress Maia Mitchell and David Lambert.

One Million Moms, which is part of the conservative American
Family Association, is trying to warn families that despite its
network title - ABC Family - the channel is "anything but

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