Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Prepare To Parent Your Adopted Child: Part 6 What To Do While Waiting For Your Ukrainian Adoption

Nothing is more important than preparing to parent to your
adopted child:

· Discuss if or when you might want to change or add to
the adoptive child's name. Discuss name ideas if you are
considering this option.

· Agree on behaviors that will be tolerated and what to do
when you have problems.

· Understand that like every child, an adopted child will
start testing their limits and finding your "buttons" right away.
Don't expect a honeymoon period. If anything, it can be toughest
in the beginning.

· Be consistent in your parenting. When you are in Ukraine
spending time with your adopted child, don't accept behaviors
that you will not accept back at home, that will just make the
transition harder and more confusing.

· Read books and online posts about speaking with your
adopted children about adoption.

· Read about child development and what to expect.

· Read as much as you can, but read with a critical eye.
Every child is different. One story or problem does not mean you
will encounter the same issues. I do believe, it is best to plan
for the worst and be thrilled when things turn out much better.

· Join a support group you feel comfortable with.

If you or someone you love would like to expand your family,
provide a permanent home for a needy orphaned child, welcome a
sibling for an existing child or discover an alternative for
infertility treatments.

To learn more about the Ukrainian adoption program, Adoption
Services International can help.

Adoption Services International unites loving US families with
Ukrainian children. We provide a unique combination of western
quality service (including a maximum guaranteed adoption fee),
personal adoption experience, affordable local cost and 20 years
Ukrainian experience.


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