Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tackling Tricky School Assignment For Adoptive Families: Exploring Your Heritage

Adopted children can face some truly awkward and uncomfortable
feelings with homework and classroom projects that teachers don't
think twice about.

As an adopted parent, it is best to be prepared for these
assignments and ways to work with the teacher and your adopted
child so that they feel included and accepted.

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Heritage Exploration

Assignment:Write a report, make a flag, or participate in a
cultural celebration based on the student's country or culture of

Grade level:Elementary through high school.

Learning goal:To learn about different cultures.

Why it's challenging:A child's ethnic or cultural heritage may
differ from that of his family. A teacher may direct a student to
write about her birth heritage, even though she would rather
write about her adoptive family's, or vice versa.

Alternatives for teachers:Let students report on a country or
culture of interest rather than one related to their family.

Approaches for parents:Provide any available resources relating
to his adoptive and birth family cultures. Accompany your child
to class, if appropriate, to help conduct a presentation.

Have you had other projects that were stressful? Share!

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