Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Considering Adoption? Don't Watch "The Baby Wait" And Understand There Are Many Adoption Options

Dramatizing the waiting period as a birth mother considers
whether she should take back the child she gave up toadoption,
"The Baby Wait", a TV series airing tonight on Logo, is an
adopting parent's worst nightmare.

If you are considering adoption, this can be very scary. Most
States do give the birth mother a period when they can
reconsider. There is a level of risk during this period. In
contrast, Ukrainian adoptions are permanent and final. The birth
parents and family have not rights regarding the child.

With all the children needing homes, both in the US and around
the world, I hope this TV show does not scare some into not

Enjoy this article by Rob Owen, Susan

If you're planning to adopt, by all means, stay far away from
Logo's"The Baby Wait"(10 tonight) for the sake of your own
emotional health.

While shows about adoption can certainly be uplifting, "The Baby
Wait" seems designed to scare off potential adoptive parents by
framing the premiere episode with the drama of whether the
adoptive parents will get the child or if the mother will change
her mind in the first 30 days after birth, which is the law in
Connecticut, where the first episode takes place.

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While it's necessary for adoptive parents to be aware of the
pitfalls of local adoption laws, "The Baby Wait" puts the focus
squarely on the possibility of emotional disaster for the
adoptive parents. The child is born within the first 20 minutes
of the hour and then plays out the agonizing drama of waiting 30
days over the rest of the hour.

Brent Zachy, senior vice president of original programming at
Logo, was asked about the way "Baby Wait" sets up adoption as a
zero-sum game at the TV critics press tour this summer in Beverly
Hills, Calif.

"Knowing people who have gone through the adoption process, it's
a very real part of the process that we're showcasing, part of
the process that's been shrouded in mystery," he said. "I don't
think we're going to scare people out of the process. The desire
to have a child and create a family is deeply rooted in many
people. And I think if you have that desire, you're going to
pursue it, knowing that there's some uncertainty in the process.
So I think we're just shedding a light on what truly happens. The
show is really powerful, and it's amazing to see new families get

Or potentially destroyed. Watch at your own risk.

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