Monday, October 15, 2012

Dealing With Tough Assignments for Adopted Children at School: Star of the Week

Adopted children can face some truly awkward and uncomfortable
feelings with homework and classroom projects that teachers don't
think twice about.

As an adopted parent, it is best to be prepared for these
assignments and ways to work with the teacher and your adopted
child so that they feel included and accepted. My son will be
star of the week in December and we are already planning!

This article is adapted from

Star of the Week

Assignment:During the child's turn as Star of the Week, create
and present a poster with the child's story and family photos.

Grade level:Kindergarten to first grade.

Learning goal:To help students get to know one another; also
serves as a leadership opportunity.

Why it's challenging:When our kids are placed in the spotlight,
adoption often comes up, and they may not feel comfortable
handling intrusive questions.

Alternatives for teachers:Instead of focusing on the child's
past, let the Star of the Week talk about pets, current hobbies,
and other elements of her life.

Approaches for parents:Role-play possible responses to questions
in advance. Ask your child about accompanying her to school to
give an adoption presentation.

How one family handled it:"After my five-year-old presented her
poster, a classmate asked, 'Where's your father?' My daughter
cheerfully explained that she did not have a father, that she was
adopted. Then: 'Is that why you look different from your mom?'
The teacher reported that what followed was a discussion about
adoption-and that my daughter handled it with competence and
grace."-Carrie Krueger

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