Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Novel Looks at Ukraine’s Culture: Learn About Your Ukrainian Adopted Child's Heritage

Another great way to learn about the culture of your Ukrainian
adopted child - read! Here is another new fictional story
focusing on Ukrainian culture and ancestry.

PRWeb - Mon, Oct 1, 2012

Ken Saik pens a tale of a dying man's last request for his
grandson to learn about his ancestrySPRUCE GROVE, Alberta(PRWEB)
October 01, 2012

"Old Country Surprises"(published byiUniverse) is a quaint tale
ofMike Bennik's adventures inUkrainefollowing hisgrandfather's
last request: learn about your ancestry.

Faced with signs of failing health, Mike's grandfather asks him
to go to the old country to learn about the influences that
shaped who he is. Mike embarks on an adventure which develops
relationships, and a sense of happiness and self-discovery as he
lives and interacts in the western Ukrainian region where his
family originated.

An excerpt from "Old Country Surprises":

I'd speculated. Grandfather misses the talks with his brothers
and the stories they heard from their father. If we come back
with new stories it would be like his brothers were sharing
memories with him again.…

Exotic new foods, architectural wonders, and the language itself
wrap Mike in the past. But he also realizes that, while the
Ukrainian people have not forgotten their troubled past, they are
still being haunted by a harmful Russian influence

He meets a young Ukrainian lady, Natasha, who brings Mike into
theculturehe is surrounded by. "She provides a model to stimulate
hope that some young people do take an interest and a pride in
their heritage," Saik says. With her as his guide, Mike finds
what his grandfather sent him there to find - his past.

About the Author

Ken Saikis a retired social studies high school teacher. He has
published two other books. He is a third-generation Ukrainian
Canadian living in Alberta, Canada.

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