Friday, October 5, 2012

The Ukrainian Adoption Program Welcomes Older Adoptive Parents: No Upper Age Limit

Many international programs place age limits on parents wishing
to adopt. This can eliminate lots of older parents in the U.S.
wishing to adopt. Many would argue that often it is more
difficult for older parents to adopt domestically or through
foster care.

Until late last year, the age difference between a parent and a
future adoptive child in Ukraine had to be less than 45 years.
This prevented many older couples from realizing their dream of
parenthood. Even celebrities like Elton John were rejected on the
basis of age.

Fortunately, this long standing law has now been lifted and there
is now no limitation at all as to the age of the adopting parent.
It is still important to the Ukrainian authorities that the
parents be healthy and expect to live a normal life expectancy.
This is a big step and allows many, many perspective older
parents to adopt. It is important as the number of adoptions has
not come close to the number of children in need of loving

At this time, it is still necessary for parents to be married.
This means unmarried individuals and same sex couples are not
allowed to adopt from Ukraine currently.

Children in Ukraine are available at 5 years of age and older.
Younger children are available with special needs or in sibling

In addition to the lack of age limits, Ukraine is an attractive
choice for adoption. Most parents are able to adopt in months
rather than years and at a fraction of the cost of other common
adoption countries. Adoptions in Ukraine are closed and final.
Documents are sealed by the courts and there is generally no
access to the birth family. Since adoptions are final there is no
re-adoption process necessary once your newly adopted children
enter the U.S. They are U.S. citizens as soon as they enter U.S.
airspace. Children available are mostly Caucasian. Only one trip
to Ukraine is necessary to adopt. This trip can be from three to
eight weeks. Although this seems long, it provides an excellent
opportunity to bond with the newly adopted child. Also, if need
be, one or both adopting parents can leave after about 10 days
and come back when the child is able to leave. Children adopted
from Ukraine retain their Ukrainian citizenship throughout their

We are pleased this limit on the age of adopted parents has been
lifted as it will give a new opportunity for older parents to
build the family of their dreams.

If you or someone you love, want to welcome a child into their
lives and families, as my husband and I did, Adoption Services
International can help.

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