Thursday, October 4, 2012

Prepare To Travel to Adopt –Part 7- Preparation While Waiting For Your Ukrainian Adoption

Get ready for your trip to Ukraine to adopt! Lots to plan and
prepare to make your trip less stressful and your stay more

· Go online and familiarize yourself with Ukrainian
currency. The look of the different denominations and exchange
rate. (Currently $1 USD is about 8 Ukrainian Hryvnia) Practice
converting prices to dollars.

· Make a list of places you want to see in Kyiv while you
are there. You want to make it memorable.

· Your clothing needs will vary depending on when you
travel to Ukraine. Make sure you break in all your footwear and
plan to travel light.

· Start pricing flights to Ukraine and determine the best
routes and time options for flying to and from Kyiv. Remember you
will need to have an open ticket as you don't know your exact
return date. Speak to agents of the airlines and discuss if it is
best to buy a closed ticket and pay a change fee or buy and open
date ticket. There can be a big difference in price. Remember you
will have a child flying back with you so you will also need a
one way ticket! If you are considering using frequent flyer
points, find out what you need to do so there are no surprises.

· Go over your travel budget with your adoption agency or
adoption facilitator. Think about what type of accommodation you
want: hotel or apartment for example, and what your budget will
be. Will you eat out or prepare your meals?

· Bring 2 cameras you know how to use well. I suggest one
for each spouse. You want to document everything. This is a once
in a lifetime experience, just like the birth of a child. You
will always look back on it and wish you took more photos of your
adoption journey. Each spouse should have a camera so there are
photos of both adoptive parents with your newly adopted child.
(Would you like to bring a camera for your newly adopted child so
she or he can take photos and capture the adoption experience
through their eyes?)

· Go over and over the adoption process, steps and
timeline with your adoption agency or adoption facilitator.
Traveling and adopting will be stressful and very emotional, the
more you can understand and be comfortable with in advance the

· Work on your Russian!

If you or someone you love would like to expand your family,
provide a permanent home for a needy orphaned child, welcome a
sibling for an existing child or discover an alternative for
infertility treatments.

To learn more about the Ukrainian adoption program, Adoption
Services International can help.

Adoption Services International unites loving US families with
Ukrainian children. We provide a unique combination of western
quality service (including a maximum guaranteed adoption fee),
personal adoption experience, affordable local cost and 20 years
Ukrainian experience.


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