Saturday, October 13, 2012

Another Tricky School Assignment for Adopted Children: The Family Tree

The family tree assignment can be hard for Adopted children and
non-traditional families. Adopted children can face some truly
awkward and uncomfortable feelings with homework and classroom
projects that teachers don't think twice about.

As an adopted parent, it is best to be prepared for these
assignments and ways to work with the teacher and your adopted
child so that they feel included and accepted.

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Family Tree

Assignment:Draw a family tree-either as a literal tree, with
branches, or in diagram form-showing family relationships.

Grade level:Elementary school.

Learning goal:To illustrate family relationships.

Why it's challenging:The format may not accommodate birth and
adoptive relatives, or otherwise nontraditional family makeups.

Alternatives for teachers:Offer formats that show roots as well
as branches; instead of a tree, have students create a family
forest or a neighborhood of family houses.

Approaches for parents:Allow your child to choose which family or
families to portray, or encourage him to design his own format.

· To see examples of inclusive trees, read
A Forest of Family Trees
and find more information at

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