Friday, October 12, 2012

Adoptive Parents: Health Issues to Consider When Reviewing an Adoption Referral

Every adoptive parent worries about the health of their Ukrainian
adopted child. Listen in on this radio show and be better
prepared for your referral meeting.

Highlights from Creating a Family radio show

What conditions should you be concerned about in an adoption
referral or a potential match? How can you interpret the
information to make this decision? Dr. Gail Farber, Co-Director
International Adoption Health Program at the Children's Hospital
of Philadelphia, and an adoptive mom; and Dr. Anne Walker, a
pediatrician specializing in adoption and an adoptive mom of
three, discuss medical issues with adopted kids

What information about a child's heath do parents receive prior
to adoption?

How important is birth weight?

How important is head

What are hints that a birth mother might have
engaged in risky behavior while pregnant?

What are hints that a birth mother might have drank while pregnant?

What are the risks associated with drug use during pregnancy?

What are accompanying disabilities that go along with known special needs such as cleft

How many international adoption doctors should perspective parents consult before accepting a referral?

What is the likelihood of an adopted child inheriting a mental illness and what can parents do to assess the risks?

What is the impact of institutionalization on a child?What information should perspective parents ask to see on a child being adopted from foster care?

What are the warning signs of future potential problems when looking at an international adoption? Domestic

What other concerns do you have regarding the future health of your adoptive child?

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