Monday, October 8, 2012

5 Things I Used to do While Driving Before I Had Kids

How many mothers and fathers can relate to this article? Funny
but true!

ByDiana Stoneon September 14th, 2012

I was nearly 19 when I bought my first cell phone. 10 years ago
they weren't as life altering as they are now. They made calls,
sent texts slowly. The End.

This eliminated almost any chance of me using it while driving.
But other things? Oh, I did other things that I can't fathom
doing now. Because now I look in my rearview mirror and see tiny
feet and hands, and a happy face that trusts me completely to
keep her safe.

Before I had Bella I:

Applied makeup in the car. Granted, it was when I was stuck in
traffic but on the way to my job in California it bought me a few
minutes in the morning. So I'd just take it out, foot on the
brake, and apply it in the mirror while occasionally glancing out
to see if the cars had moved yet.Ate. Whole meals. I mean - yes,
I had a burrito in one hand and a Coke between my legs, but
really, I was paying attention. Until I dripped sauce down my
shirt going 85mph.Rocked out. Now - don't get my wrong. I am
still guilty of doing this to a great song. But when I was 22 and
had a Mercedes with a sunroof and drove on the highway by the
beach? I was a ROCK STAR. Complete with air microphone and head
whipping. Sorry that I swerved into your lane but the chorus line
just does me in.Made you pay for your bad driving. Tailing me?
Cut me off? Took my parking space? You were probably going to get
a brake check, the middle finger, a honk, or a combo of all of
the above. Complete with my windows down and me screaming at
you.Drive WAY over the speed limit. I'd work 12 hour days as a
nanny and couldn't wait to get home and unwind. Only it was 15
miles away and this was unacceptable at 65 miles an hour.
Obviously. Besides - everyone went 90ish. So I did as well.

Those things make me cringe now. I thank my lucky stars looking
back now that I wasn't ever in a serious accident. I became much
more safety conscious as a nanny hauling around kids that weren't
mine, but as soon as I was on my own it was back to crazy

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