Thursday, November 15, 2012

Au Pair Agency Partners With Ukrainian Adoption Firm Adoption Services International

Au Pairs come from another country for a year to care for
American children and many families who have adopted children
from another country are trying desperately to find a way to
preserve their child's unique culture and language. For this
reason, Go Au Pair recently teamed with Adoption Services
International (ASI) to support their intercultural adoptions. As
November isNational Adoption monththey are trying to get the word
out about this unique partnership.

Many times parents will look out of country to adopt because in
the United States competition can be tough. Once a family decides
to adopt out of country there are a whole new set of challenges.
The Adoption Institute has shown one of the challenges with
cross-cultural matches is the adopted child will struggle with
their identity, which may cause a lack of confidence and

"An Au Pair is proud of their own culture. They will bring a
different perspective the American families cannot provide," said
Susan Kibler, director of ASI. "For the children placed in US
homes, knowing about their own culture builds confidence instead
of making them feel different or ashamed of their skin color or

If an Au Pair has the same nationality as the adopted children,
she is able to keep or teach the children their native language,
introduce them to traditional food, and educate them about their
heritage."The Au Pair helps the whole family to have broader
exposure to their children's native culture," said Polina
Kravets, Representative for Go Au Pair's service area in New
Jersey. "I frequently witness families bond with their Au Pairs
through this amazing program and develop life-long friendships."

Bringing in an Au Pair is more affordable than using a nanny and
will save the family the hassle of needing to search out groups
or individuals with their child's same heritage in their area.

"I am such a supporter of Go Au Pair and the services they can do
for both adopted children and their families," said Kibler. "I
think their services could help a lot of parents and families who
would otherwise struggle after adoption."

Go Au Pair is one of the original Au Pair Program sponsors
designated by the department of State in 1989.There are Go Au
Pair representatives in over 50 countries on six different
continents and in more than 100 American cities. Their company
headquarters is in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Adoption Services International unities orphaned Ukrainian
children with loving American families through affordable
independent Ukrainian adoption. ASI's company offices are in New

If you or someone you love would like to expand your family,
provide a permanent home for a needy orphaned child, welcome a
sibling for an existing child or discover an alternative for
infertility treatments - contact us to learn more about Ukrainian
adoption, Adoption Services International can help.


Upcoming Event:

The Ukrainian Adoption Process: Informational Meeting

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 7:00-8:00PM

Location: Wellness Rocks: 133 Rupell Road, Clinton, New Jersey

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