Friday, September 28, 2012

While Waiting For Your Ukrainian Adoption - Part 4: Prepare For Your SDA Referral Appointment

As steps in your Ukrainian adoption process go, your referral
meeting in Ukraine will be one of the most intense, surreal
experience in your life. Waiting during your Ukrainian adoption?
Time to prepare for this meeting!Part 4 of our What Adoptive
Parents Can Do While They are Waiting for Their Ukrainian
Adoption. Enjoy!Preparing for your referral meeting at the SDA in
UkraineSo, all of a sudden, you have nothing to do but wait!
There is a lot you can do to make waiting for your adoption
productive and much less painless and insure that you will thank
yourself for what you did during this waiting period after your
adoptive child or children come home from Ukraine.Enjoy part 4 of
our series:· Understand very clearly which illnesses or issues
you feel comfortable with and which you will not accept.· Know
your limitations and stick by them. Remember adoption is
forever.· Go online and research conditions and characteristics
you may be presented with when choosing a Ukrainian adopted
child.· Meet with a pediatrician and discuss common issues in
international adoption such as fetal alcohol syndrome and learn
the characteristics to look for.· Have your adoption agency or
adoption facilitator run through mock referral interviews based
on their actual experience so you know, as much as possible, what
to expect.· Prepare a notebook you will take into the Ukrainian
referral meeting with you. List notes you do not want to have to
remember.Adoption Services International unites loving US
families with Ukrainian children. We provide a unique combination
of western quality service (including a maximum guaranteed
adoption fee), personal adoption experience, affordable local
cost and 20 years Ukrainian experience. If you or someone you
know would like to welcome a child into their lives, as my
husband and I did, or just learn more about the Ukrainian
adoption program, Adoption Services International can

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