Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ukrainian Adoption Firm: Part 3 What To Do When Waiting For Your Adoption - Prepare Your Family!

Prepare your immediate and expended family for the Adoption
journey and the addition of a newly adopted child:• Spend time
with your spouse and any existing children.• Discuss how
things may change when you bring home an adopted child or
children.• Speak about all their potential feelings and
concerns and make note of them so you will remember when you come
back with your adopted child to be as sensitive as you can to
them.• Make sure they understand that the initial few weeks
will be intense and busy.• Prepare friends and family for all
eventualities so their expectations are realistic: what if you
come home with a child that has a correctable condition like a
cleft pallet? What if you come home with an older child? What if
you cannot find a child that meets your needs? If you are
considering adopting a special needs child, be sure to let them
know. In all cases, you need their support.• Discuss with your
spouse what adoption information about you adopted child you will
share with your family and how you will deal with inevitable
questions about your adopted child's birth parents and history as
well as your adoption experience. Ask your adoption agency or
adoption facilitator for guidance.• Make sure everyone who
might contact you while you are in Ukraine for the adoption
realizes the time difference! You will need your sleep and will
not enjoy being woken at 2 in the morning. Ukraine is 5 hours
ahead of EST. Insist everyone set one clock to Ukrainian time!•

Read our articles on awkward questions for adoptive parents.
They can seem funny, but we guarantee you will hear most of them.
Share them with your spouse and children or even close family and
friends. Your family will learn a lot and grow close through this
process of sharing, and be ready with answers you all feel
comfortable with.• Prepare yourself to be overwhelmed when you
come home.• Ask friends and family to provide meals for the
first weeks.• Everyone close to you will want to rush over and
meet your new adopted child, make sure they understand that this
is a huge and overwhelming adjustment for your new arrival and
introductions will need to be made slowly and gradually and they
should not be offended. Explain that it will help them bond
better, not only with you, as adopted parents, but with all those
they meet.• Make sure you have a support system in place
before you come home. You will need to take naps. You will need a
break. Have someone close to step in and give you this time for
yourself.Adoption Services International unites loving US
families with Ukrainian children. We provide a unique combination
of western quality service (including a maximum guaranteed
adoption fee), personal adoption experience, affordable local
cost and 20 years Ukrainian experience. If you or someone you
know would like to welcome a child into their lives, as my
husband and I did, or just learn more about the Ukrainian
adoption program, Adoption Services International can

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