Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lots of Super Fun Things You Can Do While Waiting For Your Ukrainian Adoption Appointment!

What Adoptive Parents Can DO While Waiting: Part 2: Super fun
preparation for adopting a child:

• Prepare a bedroom for your new adopted child or children

• Register at children's stores. Even though you may not know the
age or sex of your adopted child, as soon as you know you will
need a lot of clothes and accessories. Your friends and relatives
are likely as excited as you are about your new adoption. Let
them help you get what you will need. As soon as you know sizes
and what not, you can get online in Ukraine and post what you
need at the stores where you are registered.

• Find consignment stores in your area that sell children's
clothing and mention these in your communications or adoption
shower announcements. The majority of children adopted
internationally will grow very fast once they have a wonderful
diet and lots of love. This means they will grow out of things
quickly! You and your loved ones will get a lot for the money and
most of the clothes are only lightly used.

• There may be a friend or someone at your church with a ton of
hand-me-down clothes you would love. Ask around and when you know
sizes, you can email them from Ukraine.

• Prepare for an adoption shower or welcome party for your newly
adopted child. Prepare a guest list. Get invitations. You can do
this online through a service Plan when you will
do this and where. You want to be sure your adopted child has
time to settle in before a big event.

• Choose an adoption announcement and discuss wording with your
family. Again, have a list of all you want to send this too as it
might differ from the shower list. Discuss when you want to send
your adoption announcement. You can have a lot of fun with these
and personalize with photos and personal information about your
adopted child.

• Start thinking about teaching your Ukrainian adopted child
English. Bringing some ABC books is a great idea. Even better,
make one with A is for Aunt May, M is for Mama, etc. you can use
your city, your last name and things and places you like. Also,
include necessities such as toilet and foods.

• Many families alert their local newspaper when they get home
and place an adoption announcement and new family photo in the
paper. Contact your local paper to find out in advance the email
for the person you need to contact. Discuss if you want to do
this and perhaps prepare a draft so it is ready to go from
Ukraine or when you get home and don't have time to write it up.

• Plan some activities for you and your adopted child for when
you get back, especially activities which will capture these
first moments and memories. Making a plaster of the adopted
child's hand or foot prints are fun, as is finger painting.

• Find a photographer to take photos of your newly adopted child
and new family photos. You will be amazed by how fast your
Ukrainian adopted child will grow, change and develop, even in
the first few months. Document all these memories for the future.

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