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Au Pair for Ukrainian Adopted Children is a Rich and Rewarding Childcare Solution

Many adoptive families look for ways of exposing their children
to their native culture and heritage. With an international Au
Pair your adopted children and your entire family can benefit.
The following article is by our guest writer Polina Kravets, the
music, sports, soccer, piano, and area Representative for Go Au
Pair in Philadelphia and New Jersey.

By Polina Kravets

Many adoptive parents have no access to their kid's culture and
learning about culture is hard, especially when you don't have
somebody from that culture to help you out. The international
nannies, Au Pairs may help parents learn their children's culture
and heritage.

An Au Pair program offers what other forms of child care can't:
it introduces and exposes adopted children to their birth culture
and gives them a sense of connection to their heritage and
cultural exchange. These benefits extend to the whole family. It
is why an Au Pair program can be the best childcare solution for
the adoptive families.

Go Au Pair agency recruits Au Pairs from over 60 different
countries including Ukraine, so families may find an Au Pair from
their adopted children's country. An Au Pair has knowledge of
their kid's birth culture and may teach the whole family.

Since an Au Pair is native speaker, she is able to maintain or
teach the children their native language. Simply singing songs
or telling the fairy- tales or stories are all great ways to
provide children with some exposure to their native culture. She
may teach kids about their heritage, celebrate holidays together,
have birth country dinner nights, teach birth country dances or
games, visit the library or book store and look at books from
their culture. The Au Pair also helps whole family broader
exposure to their children native lifestyles, food, customs and

Many adoptive families choose an Au Pair because of the nature of
this amazing program. The Au Pair brings to the kids her love,
long-term friendships and the heritage. An Au pair helps
children to not only discover their heritage, but also gives the
kids a foundation of pride of their culture. The culture of
child's country and heritage will definitely enrich the family

My name is Polina, I am originally from Ukraine and came to the
USA in 2000. Since that I have been working as a translator for
an adoption service and as a counselor for an addiction facility.
Now I work as a Local Area Representative for Go Au Pair in the
Philadelphia and NJ area.

I am a certified counselor and I received my MBA from LaSalle
University. Some of my hobbies include reading, blogging,
traveling and volunteering in my community. Cultural interactions
have always been a passion of mine, which blends well with my
experience in teaching, counseling and working with people of all
ages, cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds. My own
experiences of coming as a foreigner to the United States, as
well as being a parent, gives me great insight and understanding
into the Au Pair program.Assisting families with quality
childcare and helping young people from all over the world adjust
and have a positive experience are some of the few things that
make my job - a pleasure.

Adoption always was in my heart. I started volunteering and
helping orphans from the time when I visited a Ukrainian
orphanage and met kids for the first time. They stole my heart
and since then adoption has been a big part of my life. I truly
believe that adoption is a win-win situation for the child and
the adoptive family.

Polina KravetsLocal Area Representative Philadelphia & NJRead
my blog 860 0595

Connect with Go Au Pairgoaupair.com1.888 AUPAIR.1 (888 287 2471)

Adoption Services International unites loving US families with
Ukrainian children. We provide a unique combination of western
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