Saturday, September 8, 2012

How A Certified Coach Can Assist Parents In Navigating The Adoption Process

Support is essential when you adopt, both for parents and your
new adopted child or children. Adoption is a major change for
parents, adopted children and any children already in the family.
I recommend to all parents they have an objective advisor to
offer non-judgmental support.

I am thrilled to have a guest author on our web site today. Kathy
Vervan Bugglin is an Adoptee Coach specializing in working with
adopting parents (before, during and after adoption) and adopted
children. Kathy provides a confidential and safe opportunity to
explore issues and concerns. Kathy helps individuals and families
in a group or individual setting focus on how to work through
issues and concerns and move forward.

Enjoy! - Susan Kibler

By Kathy Vervan Bugglin, CPC, ELI-MP

The adoption process brings a wave of thoughts and emotions for
all involved. As a parent seeking to adopt, how often are you
focused on the experience and enjoying each moment of the process
vs. being focused and worried about the process?

The benefits of working with a certified coach are vast. One of
the most important aspects is the confidential and safe
environment that is provided so that parents can explore their
concerns and fears. Each parent chooses the agenda, what it is
that they desire to move forward through and the coach focus' in
on that agenda as well as what their intuition is calling forth
based on their expertise and training.

Coaches are engaged in the process of assisting parents to
release any negative emotions or energy surrounding the adoption
process. Also, coaching allows parents to focus on the "how" of
the situations instead of the "why" which transpires into moving
through the process with grace and ease. When parents work with
a certified coach they can be confident that the coach is
objective and non-judgmental which provides the comfort for all
involved to be open and honest about their fears and struggles.

When siblings are involved in the process additional thoughts and
emotions come into play. Ensuring open and clear communications
are another way in which hiring a coach can be beneficial.

Discoveries during this time can ensure trusting and secure
relationships between all members of the family now and in the

Parents have the ability to come from a place of confidence and
peace with all the choices before them. Adopting a child or
children should be a fun and memorable time for all involved. A
time filled with excitement, opportunity and most importantly

Coaches' partner with their clients encouraging them to use their
thoughts and emotions to foster positive action plans.

If a coaching relationship interests you, please contact me,
Kathy Vervan Bugglin,Kathy@TheAdopteeCoach.comor (908)
797-4893. I have various programs available or can customize one
specifically for your needs.

If you are considering adoption and would like to learn more
about our supportive independent Ukrainian adoption, please
contact us at Adoption Services International at:


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