Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why Has Ukrainian Adoption Not Increased After Russia Banned US Adoptions?

So why has Ukraine not seen an increase in international

Ukraine has announce that the country has not seen the
anticipated increase in foreign adoptions it hoped to have after
Russian has closed its adoption program to Americans. The small
number of adoptions so far this year is fairly shocking. Only 167
children were adopted internationally and about 2000 adopted by
Ukrainian families. Given Ukraine has over 80,000 orphans, this
is sad news.

So why is this the case? I think Russia's banning US parents from
adopting and it general hostile stance against the US has wrongly
spilled over into neighboring countries like Ukraine. Ukraine
still needs greater attention, visibility and awareness as a
separate and unique country and culture. Having been long
dominated by Russia, it is important that Americans and all
nations realize the strong and proud differences between Russia
and Ukraine. First and foremost, Ukraine's refusal to politicize
their children.

As proud adoptive parents of Ukrainian children, part of our
responsibility should be to spread the word about Ukraine and its
adoption program. Ukraine is not Russia!



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