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The Remarkable History of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Yalta, Ukraine

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Yalta, Ukraine

title="Yalta">Yalta citizens decided to construct a new
cathedral to commemorate the death of Emperor Alexander II, who
died when a bomb exploded at his feet. Alexander III approved
of this decision. The construction committee that was founded
in 1890 was presided by a scientists, local history specialist
and engineer A. Berthier-Delagard.

The first project, which was designed by an engineer K.
Ashleyman in 1889, was declined. The cathedral was instead
designed by N. Krasnov and P. Terebnyov. The foundation was
officialy laid on March 1, 1891. The first stone in the
foundation was placed by Empress Maria Fyodorovna. She also was
the one who donated a considerable amount of money to the
construction. The construction went on for 3 years, and money
was collected everywhere.

The cathedral was built in Old Russian style. It is decorated
with numerous ornate elements: portals, pilasters, hearts, and
reliquaries. The cathedral is two-tiered and has open
galleries. Inside walls are painted into white and pink shades,
which make it light and jolly. Icons were manufactured in
Vladimir Province, and eleven gilded domes were produced in
Moscow. The interior of the two altar church was created by
winners of the national contest, which included architect S.
Kroshechkin and an artist from Kiev I. Murashko, who completed
the iconostasis. Fresco painting outside the church was created
by students of Antonio Salviati, an artist from Venice. In
December of 1902 Alexander Nevsky Cathedral was consecrated.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral helped Yalta citizens to go through
the most gruesome years of the city history, including the
revolution and wars. During the shootings of 1918 Yalta
citizens hid in the cathedral. In 1938 the cathedral was shut
down, and the domes were remolded. A sport club was founded
there instead. Only in 1945 church service was restored and is
working until nowadays. The building of parochial school, which
was used as Teacher's House, was given back to the church.

In 2002 Yalta entrepreneurs and citizens collected money to
gild the domes. Paintings and the iconostasis were also

Nowadays Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, which stands at the foot
of a short Darsan hill, conducts church services every day.
Since 1995 until present days there is a secondary school at
the church, and more than 100 pupils study there.

Address of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral: "http://ua-traveling.com/en/information/crimea" title=
, Yalta, Sadovaya street, 2.


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