Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why The Hague Convention Would Hurt Ukraine and Ukrainian Orphans

Ukraine seeking mechanisms to control living condition of adopted

I strongly agree that joining the Hague convention would not be
in the interests of Ukrainian orphans or Ukraine as a country.
When Russia joined the Hague convention, the cost of an adoption
for American parents nearly doubled, and that money was going to
US agencies not locally. When Guatemala joined the Hague
convention, they almost had to shut down their adoption system
because of the addition difficult requirements the Hague
convention demands for every orphan before adoption. Neither
Ukraine nor Ukrainian orphans need any Hague related red tape,
bureaucracy and expenses. Money and time could be better

Currently Ukraine has continuous reporting requirements for
foreign adoptive parents: Registration at the nearest Ukrainian
Consulate within 30 days of arriving in the US, Annual reports on
the status of the child for the first 3 years after adoption and
once every 3 years until the child reaches 18 years of age. If
the goal is to know about Ukrainian adopted children, Ukraine
should require a visit from a social worker to the adopted
household after the child is adopted. This is called a
post-placement visit and it is paid for by the parent and
enforced by the State government. I suggest that Ukraine add a
request for a post-placement in the first 90 days after the
adoption, and that this report be filed with the nearest
Ukrainian Consulate. In this way, Ukraine would be guaranteed
information about the transition, health and location of the
adopted child at no financial expense.

Compliance with the filing requirements may also increase if the
required Registration Form and Registration Application adoptive
parents must file be available in English. Currently it is only
available in Ukrainian. Although there are samples of completed
forms in English available on the web, it can take new parents
hours to figure out these forms and may lead to incorrect

The article by Oleksandra Molotkova of Press TV, Kiev follows.
Please join me in writing a supportive comment to this article.
The link is under the article.

The debate for having more control over the living conditions of
Ukrainian kids adopted abroad surfaced after a Ukrainian boy was
shot dead in the United States by his American father. After the
death of 13 year old Andrew Butler officials in Ukraine realized
- they barely know anything about the fate of nearly half of
adopted Ukrainian kids living abroad.

Nearly 10 thousand children from Ukraine have been adopted by
American parents in the United Sates.

However, Ukraine officials say only 30 percent of those families
report on the living condition of their adopted children.

Local NGO's assure that Ukraine needs to ratify the
83-member-states Hague Convention on adoption to ensure proper
monitoring over such families.

Ukraine's Parliament has delayed the ratification of the
convention for several times. Some analysts believe the
convention does not meet the interests of Ukraine's orphans but
rather favors children trafficking and legitimates international
agencies that make money from organizing child adoptions.
However, Ukraine's NGOs take issues with that stand.

The state still do not have an accurate mechanism to exert
control over the condition of Ukrainian children adopted by
foreign families. At the same time national adoption and social
care remains a priority for the country.

Some link it up with the Russian Dima Yakovlev Law, which banned
US citizens from adopting Russian children. In Ukraine the
adoption process should not turn into a political bargaining
chip. That was the tragic death of a Ukrainian boy that pushed
the state to control international adoption more precisely.


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