Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ukrainian Adoption Statistics Over the Years: Ukraine Is A Top US Adoption Choice

Ukraine is now the 5th most popular international source of
adoptions by U.S. families, according to the U.S. Department of
State, after China, Ethiopia, Russia, and South Korea. It claimed
that position in 2010 displacing Guatemala. Interestingly,
Guatemala was the #1 source of internationally adopted children
into the US in 2008. Currently, the U.S. State Department is not
processing adoptions from Guatemala at all.

Many have expected a sharp drop in adoptions in the Ukraine since
the nation changed the age of an adopted child without special
needs to 5 years of age and older towards the end of 2011. In
speaking with Olga Ivanchenko, Vice Consul at the Consulate
General of Ukraine in New York City in charge of adoption and
citizenship, she states that the level of dossier submissions has
remained stable.

I believe there are several reasons for this. First, the age
limit for adoptive parents was removed. Now parents of any age
may adopt in Ukraine and there is no upper limit. Secondly,
parents may still adopt a healthy child under five years of age
if a sibling is also adopted who is 5 or older. This exemption is
encouraging more and more U.S. families to adopt siblings. I
think this is great for the families and for the children.
Finally, problems and changes with other popular programs such as
China (where the wait for healthy children is over 5 years) and
Russia (that has added significant hurdles and costs) will
encourage parents to look for other sources of adoptable
children. This is visible in the huge drop in adoptions in these
countries in 2011. Check
great private site that has compiled adoption statistics from
around the world. Hopefully, many families that were focusing
their considerations on Russia and China will look to Ukraine.

It is also interesting that the number of girls and boys adopted
from Ukraine is almost exactly equal, while there are more boys
available for adoption.

Below you will find the year on year adoption statistics for U.S.
adoptions from Ukraine.

UkraineYearly Adoptions

2011 6402010 4502009 6102008 4902007 6132006 4632005 8242004
7942003 6922002 10942001 12402000 6581999 321 If you or someone
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