Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pre-Adoption: Setting Realistic Expectations for Your Ukrainian Adoption

Probably the aspects of adoption I want my clients to understand
is that their expectations must be realistic.

Prospective parents must maintain realistic expectations so you
won't be disappointed frequently.There are many unknowns in this
process and plenty of opportunities for disappointment or feeling
like a bad parent. Take Dr. Aronson's advice: Do your research;
and set appropriate expectations. Don't plan, for instance, to
throw a huge party to introduce family and friends to your child
as soon as you arrive home. You need to give your child time to
adjust to the new environment and to bond with you first.

Do expect the unexpected in the pre-adoption process, and try not
to get frustrated. This is where that sense of humor comes into
play. Countries will demand new documents in the middle of your
dossier preparation; documents may even be lost; court dates will
be moved up or back, and you may find yourselves flying overseas
on short notice or once again pushing back the date when you can
finally bring your child home. Every adoptive family has a story
to tell about something that didn't go right. Do your best to
take the inevitable setbacks in stride. Expect that something
will go wrong as some point and you will be less disappointed by
a delay.

We at Adoption Services International do everything in our
control to make the process as smooth and hiccup free as
possible. We want it to be a good experience and will help you
deal with the unexected professionally and in a timely fashion.
Still we always recommend you expect the worst and hope for the

If you or someone you love, want to welcome a child into their
lives and families, as my husband and I did, Adoption Services
International can help.




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