Monday, May 7, 2012

Our Personal Adoption Experience in Ukraine

My husband and I adopted our son Alex from Ukraine. For me it was
a process full of specific requirements and documentation and it
was fairly painless. I speak Russian fluently and have lived and
worked in Ukraine for over 20 years. When I was going through
this process, I connected with as many online groups of other
adoptive parents as possible and was amazed at the struggles,
complications, delays, and significant unexpected expenses other
families incurred throughout the adoption process.

While at the orphanage and government organizations, I met
families from all over the United States adopting and so many
shared stories of the extensive challenges they have overcome to
complete the adoption process. I saw an immediate need for an
honest, professional, western firm to make the process of
adopting in Ukraine as painless as possible.

We are thrilled to have adopted such a beautiful, joyful boy and
want to bring this opportunity to welcome a child into a loving
family to others. My goal is for others to realize this dream and
do so in a predictable, affordable and ethical way.

If you or someone you love to adopt a child as my husband and I
did, I can help.

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