Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Great Reasons to Tell Your Child's Teacher They're Adopted

Worrying about this year's life timeline and family tree
projects, this article hit a chord.

MeLisa • August 7, 2012

It takes more than a fun fancy backpack and new clothes to help
your child have a successful year at school. Now that school is
back in session it's a good time to think about whether or not to
inform you child's teacher they're adopted. Remember your child
spends almost as much time every day with their teacher as they
do with you. This list is meant to encourage you to have your
child's teacher on your team in order to better advocate for your

7 Reasons Why To Tell Your Child's Teacher They're Adopted

1. It will make them more sensitive to class projects such as
"Family Tree" and "Baby Pictures" that may cause your child
emotional pain.

2. They can encourage and educate your child's peers about

3. If your child has special needs it will help them to empathize
with your child and to see past their label.

4. They can help your child find adoption themed books to read
for fun and school credit.

5. They can openly communicate with you about both your child's
academic & emotional state in the classroom.

6. They will be more sympathetic to your concerns for your child
including having them tested for possible learning disabilities.

7. They can connect your child with other adopted children in the

You don't need to give the teacher your child's entire background
history. Just give details that you feel may be helpful to the
teacher for them to better serve your child. For instance, if
your child lived in an orphanage and had severe malnutrition this
may have hindered their brain development or if your child has a
trauma history this can affect their capacity to store
information and they may require alternative learning methods.

We have always felt it's best to have teachers be a part of the
team for the betterment of our child. Adoption does not define
your child, but it is a part of who they are. Giving your teacher
the proper information could be the key component for your
child's success in the classroom.

What have been your experiences with informing your child's
teacher that they are adopted?

If you or someone you love want to welcome a child into their
lives and families, as my husband and I did, we can help.


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