Monday, April 30, 2012

Ukrainian Adoptions Firm Offers Guaranteed Adoption Costs – No More Surprises!

Everyone has heard horror stories about international adoptions
costing significantly more than the adoptive parents anticipated.
Whatever the explanation, additional unplanned expenses take
advantage of parents when they are most vulnerable. They have
already chosen a child and fallen in love, it is impossible to
say, "No, we won't pay, it is over our agreed budget."

The adoption process can be one of the most emotional, stressful
and exciting experiences in the adoptive parents' lives. Adoption
Services International gives parents choosing to adopt in Ukraine
a guaranteed price for the adoption. "We want to eliminate much
of the uncertainty and give adoptive parents as much peace of
mind as possible. With us there will be no "surprise" extra
expenses. Any expense over our guaranteed cost is our
responsibility to pay." says owner Susan Kibler, "With our own
employees in the Ukraine since 1995, we are that confident in our
abilities and want to pass on that confidence to adoptive

This "not to exceed" adoption cost limit is usually between
$12,000 and $14,000 (depending on U.S. State fee and postage
differences). It includes all costs related to the adoption,
documentation, postage, court costs, etc. both in the U.S.A. and
in Ukraine. It does not include discretionary spending such as
souvenirs, food, lodging and travel, which varies with adoptive
parents' expectations and requirements. "We help budget for
discretionary expenses based on family needs. Our experience and
contacts can often provide quality accommodations and travel for
reasonable prices." says Kibler.

Adoption Services International is completely transparent. The
compensation structure consists of a set professional service fee
paid in stages throughout the adoption process - not all in
advance. Adoption Services International has an incentive to save
adoptive parents money. Adoption expenses are reported to the
parents by stage and any amount saved below the guaranteed
adoption cost, the firm divides equally with the adoptive
parents. Adoption Services International pays all costs above and
beyond the guaranteed cost.

Adoption Services International works closely with adoptive
families before, during and after the Ukrainian adoption process.
They handle all stages of the adoption process for Ukraine, from
preparing your documents in the U.S. through the time you bring
your child or children back to your home.

Contact Adoption Services International at
908-444-0999,info@asi-adoption.comfor further information on
costs, fees, timing and factors that influence these areas, go

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